The main objective of business incubators is to support the maximum number of start-ups and growing companies in the region of Montana, by helping them to strengthen their self-development. For this purpose the company has developed a vision and strategy for successful development.
In the short term our goals are associated with successful start-up, attracting first customers and companies – tenant and gradually achieving a 70% employment rate of premises in the incubator to February 2015.

In the medium term “Connected” Ltd. aims to achieve sustainable high levels (over 90%) of employment premises and incubator experts and the development of new services for the incubated companies. In particular some of the new services provided for the provision of incubator include joint training and seminars on various topics, business training, information services and others.

The main objectives in the long term are related to the expansion of the building base of the incubator and hiring new employees.

While permanent goal to “Connected” Ltd., both in the short and in the medium and long term, is the continuous improvement of the quality of business services offered by the business incubator in the target region.

The achievement of these objectives will be measured using the following indicators:

  • Number of rented spaces in the incubator;
  • Number of services offered to the enterprises in the incubator;
  • Number of successful companies, leaving the incubator;
  • Jobs offered by tenants / companies who have left the incubator;
  • Turnover of tenants / companies who have left the incubator;
  • Operating result of the incubator.

To achieve the set goals “Connected” Ltd. provides execution of an active marketing policy, which includes all tools that inform customers and potential tenants of the incubator to its activities and services –  signs, brochures, direct mail to selected individuals and institutions, telephone contacts, advertising, seminars, training sessions, oral presentations, radio and TV videoclips, business cards. Marketing, like the other activities of the incubator will focus on three overlapping and complementary phases:

  • Phase of establishment of the incubator – aims to acquaint the local community with the concept of business incubators and the benefits it provides to individuals and the community as a whole;
  • Customer support and placed in the incubator companies;
  • Encouragement and support for business networking.

The last two aim to provide support for business incubators locally.

The company now has a staff of 8 people:

6 Input Operator

1 employee – Technical organizer

1 Expert “Business Development”


Manager and owner of “Connected” Ltd. is  Ms. Kamelia Evgenieva that performs the function of the future business incubator. Her activity is related to:

  • organization of the team of experts;
  • management of the overall business incubator, incl. solving the problems of the incubated companies;
  • organizing meetings between companies and supervisory authorities;
  • coordinating the needs of the tenants with the activities of the business incubator.
The manager Kamelia Dimitrova Evgenieva-Ignatova holds a diploma of higher economic education in “Economic organizational insider trading “is fluent in written and spoken French and Russian, has over 33 years of professional experience, owner of” Net-Sarf.Net “Ltd., a leading company for internet services in the country. With the construction of business incubators will continue to create an enabling environment for detection of start-ups and creating new jobs in the field of ICT.
In the management of the future business incubator participates Stefan Tsvetkov, expert in “Business Development”. He is a graduate of Bachelor with qualification “Engineer-manager” and has experience both in the economy and in information and communication technologies.

Management structure, coordination and implementation of the operational activities of the incubator will consist of:

The sole owner of the company
Provides accounting and financial consulting of incubated enterprises, responsible for operational activities in the Business Incubator associated with the execution of the documents, financial activities, the processing of accounting documents under the respective accounts. It will calculate and account for tax and social security payments will compile statements and reports of the analytical accounts, prepare trial balances and other statements, will participate in committees in carrying out inventories, will exercise internal financial control in the circle of its tasks to comply with financial discipline, will prepare data for statistical reports and forms, and the completion of the respective reporting periods, will produce copies of the accounting records and documents, required of employees or to provide appropriate authorities.
Marketing expert
Carry out market research and market analysis,; develop marketing strategies; performing acquainted with the companies products and their competitive; studies and analyzes market segments and identifying market opportunities for the realization of the services of the Business Incubator and incubated enterprises; examine and analyze competitive initiatives; preparing and implement marketing and promotional initiatives to increase sales of incubated enterprises; plan and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns; prepare presentations and liaise with the media and advertising agencies; organize the design, printing and distribution of advertising materials; update and develop the website of the Business Incubator; carry out studies for customer satisfaction and reports the results; draw up a schedule of annual events in which companies participate and monitor the preparation and proper conduct.
Responsible for the operational activities in the Business Incubator related to legal and legal advice in the field of labor and social security relations, civil law and civil process, financial, tax and administrative law.
Consultant, IT Maintenance
Provide specialist advice related to information technology, supports the project purchased IT equipment, the network and databases, crafted website business incubator and the websites of incubated enterprises.
Office Manager
Coordinate and planning office services such as accommodation, relocation, equipment and furnishing, maintenance, cleaning, security, copying, printing, binding, laminating, etc .; responsible for carrying out telephone communications, faxes, records and transmits messages sent; bring by the established order incoming and outgoing written correspondence; consult them, will provide information about Business incubator and Disclosure for its services; provides information about the incubated companies, drawn up electronic files for all incubated businesses and services used in integrated electronic information system; administer the use of the training room and hall for meetings; assist the manager of the Business Incubator in performance of daily activities of the incubator; maintain a list of the necessary office supplies and timely insurance (copy paper, toner for copier technology, drinks, coffee, etc.); collect and pay the rent and monthly bills for electricity, heat, water, telephones, security; organize visits and events (reception, booking of hotels, organization of business meetings).

The building has:

  • 21 modern office spaces for companies of various sizes, including 1 office space for the staff of the incubator and 1. executive office with meeting room. The newly established Business Incubator aims to provide space for about 20 companies / 60-70 people /. Depending on the size of the premises can be changed and the number of incubated companies. Business Incubator provides its tenants with the following common premises:
  • 1  Reception with seats for waiting;
  • multimedia conference room / training room (for 20 people) – luxuriously furnished and fully equipped conference room which can be used to organize high-level meetings,  trainings, and other public events. The hall is provided for rent even for external customers, other than the incubated companies for organizing events (conferences, seminars, training, etc.);
  • 1 room for business meetings (6 people) – meetings between the incubated companies and their customers. The room has a conference table and chairs, whiteboard, etc. Opportunity for multimedia equipment
  • rest room (15-20 people) with kitchenette with large roof terrace;
  • archival and storage facilities;
  • corridors;
  • bathrooms;
  • offices;
  • technical facilities;
  • facilities;
  • office equipment;
  • PBX with IP phones for use;
  • elevator;
  • equipment providing admission with card access;
  • equipment providing uninterrupted power supply.

The Business Incubator has an integrated electronic management system which is integrated and has smart heating and cooling system. Monitoring will be done through a web-based platform, and automatic control with sensors. This allows calculating the cost of each office independently. The amount of electricity is calculated by specialized software.

“Connected” Ltd. was established in Montana in 2005. As a successor of ET “Net-Surf – Kamellia Evgenieva”. Initially, the company develops its activities in the field of information and communication services, as selling licensed software, computer accessories, Internet services. Nowadays the company is managed by the sole shareholder – Mrs. Kamelia Evgenieva-Ignatova.
In the first years of its establishment the company specializes in the provision of services in support of business. In connection with its activities, in 2011 the company received a code KID-2008 NSI: 70.22 Consulting Business and other management and expanding its activity adding accounting and tax services; legal services; marketing and advertising; information services.

Today “Connected” LTD is focusing on providing advices about business and other management, as well as organizing and conducting vocational training courses. . In June 2007 the Management Board of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) with license № 200 712 446 created Vocational Training Center (VTC) to “Connected” LTD.

So far, this center has met dozens of training of employed and unemployed persons. For the period 2007-2010. are trained in the following specialties:

  • 24 persons on “Business Administration”;
  • 22 persons on “Computer Networks”;
  • 20 persons on “Operational Accounting”;
  • 24 persons in “Word”;
  • 15 persons on “Rural Tourism”;
  • 10 persons on “Organization of Tourism and Leisure”;
  • 43 persons on “Production of culinary”;
  • 10 persons “Confectionery”
  • 20 persons on “Horticulture”
  • 10 students trained in “Construction and landscaping”
  • 8 trained in “Computer Networks” by the Employment Agency by Labour Offices, Project “Beautiful Bulgaria” at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and private employers.

“Connected” Ltd. achieved success with the role of partner – the “Include technology in future” Contract ESF-2101-05-10001 of 27.03.2008 on the National Employment Agency – Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in its Intermediate Unit Operational Program “human Resources Development” through “Regional employment Service” – city. Montana Scheme grant BG051PO 001/07 / 2.1-01 “Qualification services and training for employees.” The project trained 30 persons in “Computer Networks’ acquisition of second degree qualifications (1 training course in Montana and 1 training course in Vratsa).
In 9 years of activity the company has always tried to improve, expand and innovate in providing consultancy and training services. Home, About Us, News Feed, Services, Get Involved, Price List, Gallery, Careers, Contacts