The successful development of a business incubator depends essentially performance and effectiveness of the incubated companies. While business incubator is a center for development of small enterprises. It helps with priority start-up companies, and to a lesser degree to those who want to expand their business or start a new (ac. Carve-outs). The other main group of potential customers of the incubator is planned to be already established companies (existing businesses) wanting to start a new business or in the field of information technology, telecommunications, innovation, media and communications.
“Connected” Ltd. is going to direct the support of the business incubators to companies, developing high-tech and medium industries and services, particularly ICT, innovation, media and communications. Specific economic sectors in which the incubated enterprises should carry out their activities, fall within the following sectors:
sector J – “Creating and distributing information and creative products; Telecommunications “;

sector M “Professional, scientific and research activities”.

These two main sectors include the following sections according to CEA-2008:

  • 58 “Publishing”;
  • 59 “Production of movies and TV shows, sound recording and music publishing”;
  • 60 “Radio and television activities”;
  • 61 “Telecommunications”;
  • 62 “Activities in the field of information technology”;
  • 63 “Information Services”;
  • 72 “Research and development”;
Requirements for the applicants
In policy terms of recruitment and employing  business in the newly created business incubator “Connected” Ltd. intended to take additional specific criteria for screening (screening) of individual candidates. These criteria can be divided into two main groups – general and specific requirements for applicants.

 1)General requirements :

  • Have a viable business idea and business plan, whose implementation will create permanent jobs in the region;
  • To create new jobs;
  • To outline its future development in a pre-established business plan;
  • Have needs and that business incubator can satisfy;
  • To show willingness to cooperate with other tenants;
  • Have a good reputation among the local community;
  • To have the potential to strengthen and diversify the local economy;
  • Use or plan to use new technologies to enhance the competitiveness of companies and qualification of workforce;
  • Have a management team or to recognize the need to expand the team in technical and / or managerial terms.

 2)Specific requirements:

  • The company must be bootable undertaking or planning to expand his activity / introducing a new product.
  • The company must develop its activities or planned to start a new business in any of the above target economic sectors J and M;
  • The company must be registered and / or work in Montana;
  • Existing companies must demonstrate gains comparable with the average for the industry;
  • Existing companies must demonstrate a positive cash flow for at least one year;
Admission procedure
  • Presentation by the candidate of  application for admission to the Business Incubator;
  • Presentation by the applicant of the Business Plan;
  • Presentation by the applicant of the Protocol – decision  for appointing the evaluation and administration of companies;
  • Presentation by the applicant of a rental contract.
The evaluation step for the candidates
  • Управителят на бизнес инкубатора ще се запознава с молбата и бизнес плана на всеки един кандидат;
  • Свикване на комисия (петимата основни експерти и служители на Бизнес инкубатора с тях) и представяне на документите пред тях;
  • След презентацията на управителя на Бизнес инкубатора кандидатът лично ще представя дейността си и конкретната бизнес идея, свързана с молбата за настаняване, и ще отговаря на въпроси на експертите на Бизнес инкубатора;
  • След събеседването с кандидата, експертите и ръководителя на Бизнес инкубатора ще обсъждат кандидатурата помежду си, след което ще взимат официално решение за приемане или отхвърляне на дадения кандидат.
Every 6 months, the team of business incubator will organize meetings with the managers of incubated companies. The meetings will discuss all services provided by Business Incubator, specific benefits, and the degree of satisfaction of the companies. Will also collect suggestions for new types of services and / or to improve the services currently offered.

Maximum duration of stay of a company in the Business Incubator – 3 years.